Mbah gotho diet

'Oldest human in history' Mbah Gotho has party to celebrate turning 146

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Obituari: Mbah Gotho dan Kesahajaannya sebagai Perokok

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Mbah Gotho May Be Oldest Person At 145 Years Old

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Mbah Gotho Manusia Tertua di Dunia Berasal Dari Sragen Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Ledakannya dianggap yang terkeras hingga 3.Science suggests that the oldest we can live to is about years. Yet, out of Indonesia comes a man — Mbah Gotho — who claims to be years Katherine Marko.

Dec. 31, – April 30, Also known as Mbah Gotho (grandpa Gotho), Sodimejo died in his village in Central Java.

‘Oldest person in the world’ dies aged 146

There are conflicting reports about his age. · FOOTAGE has emerged this week of Mbah Gotho, the world’s oldest man, puffing on a cigarette in Indonesia at the incredible age of years Chris Lloyd. Mbah Gotho May Be Oldest Person At Years Old.

· An Indonesian man who has emerged from obscurity to claim he is the world's oldest at an incredible years has revealed he is ready to die Skifbull Channel.

· News > World > Asia 'World's oldest man' celebrates th birthday and says patience is key for long life. Mbah Gotho, whose ID states he was born in the Author: May Bulman.

Mbah gotho diet
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